Implementing PDA Forms for Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing - With SurveyToGo

Different Form Factors

While a laptop may suite a certain number of use cases for CAPI, such as when sitting in front of a manager in a quite office with a table and a power plug nearby and performing an in-depth interview, it might become a surveyors worst nightmare when performing CAPI surveys in a busy airport or a train station. In these scenarios, a light weight PDA, that includes a big battery and a few well designed PDA Forms might be a much better choice, one which will make the survey a much more effective one.
Other scenarios might include the requirement to show videos or pictures to the person being interviewed and a PDA might not suffice while still a laptop is too heavy and too cumbersome to hand over to the person being interviewed. In these cases a lightweight tablet with a few well designed tablet forms might be your perfect choice.

Meet SurveyToGo

That’s exactly why we have created SurveyToGo. SurveyToGo is designed to enable you to quickly create mobile CAPI surveys that consist of either PC, Netbook, Laptop, Tablet or PDA Forms. Simply add the questions you would like to appear to the survey, test it using our built-in emulator and mark it for production. You can even assigned quotas and define different surveyors that will survey different locations or quotas.

CAPI as a hosted cloud service

SurveyToGo is lightweight, does not require you to have “programming” knowledge and can be operated 100% by the market research firm itself. Plus, it’s completely hosted so you have no high setup costs, no server costs, no big out of pocket license costs and no IT costs. Hundreds of market research firms, both small and big use SurveyToGo today to carry out thousands of surveys on a daily basis using PDA Forms on PDA devices or PC’s / Netbooks / Laptops.

On Time and On Budget

Our Pay-As-You-Go model fits your budget perfectly as you only pay for what and for when you use the system and can get a detailed per-project cost breakdown once you are done so you have 100% control of how much you’ve spent and on which project.