Create mobile surveys that work on any device in less than 20 minutes. Literally.

Easily Create mobile Surveys

Create CAPI market research tablet surveys quickly and easily. With SurveyToGo you can automatically deploy complex surveys including images and videos to hundreds of tablets in the field and conduct your surveys offline or online. Centralized project management lets you stay on top of your projects, quotas and interviewers locations to ensure your customers get accurate and timely responses.
  • Quickly setup surveys using a state-of-the-art survey designer
  • Easily add capturing of photos, sound recordings & videos
  • One-click deployment of new & modified surveys saves on costs
  • Real-time view of your interviewers GPS location

Quality Control Like No Other

Experience the state-of-the-art Quality Control subsystem which has been built and integrated from the grounds up into the SurveyToGo platform. From GPS location tracking & silent voice recordings through suspicious interview flagging conditions, and all the way to our dedicated Quality Control operations console, SurveyToGo mobile survey software enables you to quickly approve/reject interviews and control the entire quality control process like no other.
  • GPS Location Tracking - know where interviews took place
  • Silent voice recording - know how questions were asked
  • Auto-flag suspicious Interviews - based on duration, straight-lining or any custom business rules
  • Complete QC operations console to accept/reject interviews

Photos, Sounds & Videos

Create next generation surveys by showing and capturing videos, photos and sound recordings. Easily show product adverts and photos to respondents and then capture photos and videos to include as part of the interview data.
  • Show images next to or instead of answers
  • Play sounds, music and videos during the survey
  • Capture unlimited amount of photos, videos & sounds during the interview
  • Easily review all captured attachments before approving interviews

Control The Flow & Logic

Enable complex survey logic with support for branching, skipping, filtering, looping and piping. Fully control all the aspects of questions based on any logic and at any point during the survey through start scripts, end scripts rules and dummy questions.
  • Skip questions based on previous answers or any custom logic
  • Branch (jump) to questions based on previous answers or any custom logic
  • Loop through a set of questions as many times as needed
  • Filter questions or answers based on previous answers or any custom logic
  • Modify question or answer texts (Piping) as needed
  • Easily rotate answers and questions randomly or based on your own custom logic

Rotations & Randomizations

Easily, with a click of a button, specify that a question answers should be rotated. The same goes for a group of questions or an entire chapter. The rotations are based on a randomization-algorithm. However, you can choose to take control and specify your own rotation sequence as necessary. More complex logic actions like skipping, branching, filtering and looping can be added as well.
  • Rotate exactly what you need: questions, answers, loops or entire chapters
  • Extend the rotations as needed to work based on your own specific order


Easily setup your project quotas to achieve the exact sample you need for your surveys. Quickly add organize, modify and search project quotas to ensure your sample is running smoothly.
  • Set up simple and complex quotas based on answers and custom expressions
  • Define global or per interviewer quotas
  • Manage quotas through the centralized quota management console

Offline Functionality

Effectively continue to collect data and run surveys even when offline. Everything continues to function as usual and data will automatically be uploaded once you have network again.
  • Run surveys even while being off-line
  • Data is stored locally until network is available
  • App security preserved when offline, everything is still password protected
  • Show images and videos and capture recordings and photos when offline

Project Management

Centralized project management lets you stay on top of your project data, quotas and interviewers locations to ensure your customers get accurate and timely responses. Effectively track interview related data such as history, attachments, GPS locations and interviewer comments, all from one centralized place.
  • Real-time GPS location enhances project management reach
  • Centralized access to your project data & quotas improves productivity
  • Effectively monitor data quality using the operations console
  • Use interview statuses to organize and add work-flow to your projects
  • Define different permissions to design, manage and review your projects

QR Code & Barcodes

Upgrade your surveys to take advantage or the next generation QR codes or the older standard bar codes. Easily scan QR codes and bar codes from within a survey and interact with it.
  • Effectively utilize QR codes (and bar codes) in your surveys
  • Capture web site addresses and additional data encoded in the QR code


Create a localized survey experience for the respondent by easily translating your survey to multiple languages. Translate the survey directly in the design app or automatically export texts to excel for translation by a 3rd party. Your interviewer can easily switch languages at any time during the survey.
  • Script your survey once and add multiple translations for the same survey
  • Easily translate everything: question texts, answers and scales.
  • Switch between languages either through buttons or using logic and rules.


We not only help you stay on top of survey projects, but also ensure those projects are private and secure. Our proven, cloud-based offering is protected by state-of-the-art security services at multiple levels, including physical security, infrastructure security, and application security.
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • All your data is password protected
  • Define users and groups for granular security and permissions to your projects
  • Uploaded data is erased from the tablets for extra security
  • SSL/HTTPS Support available

Online Fieldwork Management- Dooblo Insights

Online dashboard to gain maximum control over quality and productivity while being able to share across the organization and with customers
  • Boost fieldwork productivity with online monitoring
  • Get real-time analysis through data tabulation
  • Generate actionable insights
  • Share with other stakeholders - clients, management and others


Boost your experience with straightforward integrations
  • Visualization with PowerBI and Google Data Studio
  • Send emails through Sendgrid