RAIT Grows Stronger with SurveyToGo

Read how SurveyToGo gave RAIT a real competitive edge

“One of the key things
that we liked about
SurveyToGo, and
which we found to
be the best in the
market, was support.
SurveyToGo support
is brilliant – it is both
fast and professional.”

Martynas Pranaitis Project Manager at RAIT
Project Highlights:
Devices installed with CAPI module
Devices installed with survey design studio
Saved on project costs
Shorter surveys
The Company

Founded in 2002, RAIT Ltd provides market research and
analysis from its Lithuanian office. The RAIT team unites
experts in market research, marketing, economy, and
sociology, who carry out wide-scope research in different
fields. RAIT specialists are experienced in different types of
research projects, which they carry out both nationally and
internationally. In 2004 RAIT became an ESOMAR member
and during the same year carried out its first exit poll. RAIT
Lithuania is part of the RAIT group, which operates also in
Latvia and Estonia. RAIT’s 50+ employees perform more than
100 face-to-face research projects every year for customers
like Gemius, USP Baltics, and JCDecaux

The Challenge

Like many research firms, RAIT had been using pen &
paper surveys for many years. As computers, tablets, and
smartphones became more prevalent in everyday life, RAIT
decided to move towards a Computer-Assisted Personal
Interview (CAPI) system. They were also counting on the new
CAPI solution to help them with survey requirements that
were too complex for pen & paper.

The Solution

Martynas Pranaitis, Project Manager at RAIT, was part of the team
responsible for choosing the new CAPI solution. “We examined a
large number of CAPI solutions and after rigorous software testing and
long discussions with the Dooblo team, we decided that SurveyToGo
struck the perfect balance for us of a rich feature set, fair pricing, and
awesome customer support,” explains Pranaitis. “Overall, we found
Dooblo to be a lot like our company, RAIT. Even though the history of
both firms dates back to the start of the 21st century, to this day we
never stop developing and searching for new and advanced ways to
provide the best services. SurveyToGo has a great mix of functionality,
price, a professional staff, and support. All this combined meant that
SurveyToGo was the way to go for RAIT.”
One of the key benefits of SurveyToGo that struck a chord with
RAIT was the ability to write complex scripts. “This provides us
with different ways of showing questions to respondents and, most
importantly, expands our offerings to our clients,” explains Pranaitis.
But SurveyToGo’s feature set was not the only factor RAIT
considered. As Pranaitis elaborates, “One of the key things that we
liked about SurveyToGo, and which we found to be the best on the
market, was support. SurveyToGo support is brilliant – it is both fast
and professional.”


RAIT installed SurveyToGo’s CAPI module on more than 40
devices and the survey design studio on 8 devices. Training the
field surveyors went much faster than planned thanks to the
software’s ease of use. RAIT’s office team needed only one week
to push the first electronic survey out the door and they are
constantly learning about additional benefits and functions of the
survey design studio. Dooblo’s support team assisted RAIT in the software evaluation, initial training, and even preparing customer
proposals. As Pranaitis describes, “Dooblo’s support team helped us
numerous times, especially while analyzing SurveyToGo and deciding
we should go with them as our CAPI provider. Their reaction time is
incredible and the answers are professional and thoughtfully explained.
We have yet to encounter a better support team for any platform
provider to date. This is a huge plus, considering we have a lot of faceto-
face projects.”


RAIT reports that SurveyToGo gave them a real competitive edge
against local and international competitors. But the numbers
also speak for themselves. Pranaitis estimates that project
costs are down 35% thanks to the elimination of printing and
manual data entry. Data quality went up significantly because
SurveyToGo enables RAIT to monitor surveyors in real-time and
avoid logical survey errors before they hit the field. As compared
to PAPI, survey durations are down by at least 10-15% thanks to
SurveyToGo’s skip logic. When all is said and done, SurveyToGo
enabled RAIT to realize very complex international projects more
easily and with more features at their disposal than ever before.


When asked what advice he would give other research firms,
Pranaitis exclaims, “Never stop believing that you can improve
something. SurveyToGo makes research firms’ lives so much easier
and provides CAPI opportunities, which were not possible before.
SurveyToGo is a great platform for research firms that are looking
for stable, well-designed and built CAPI software, and a professional
team of experts that stand behind it. We would definitely recommend
SurveyToGo to any type of research firm that is looking to improve its
face-to-face surveys. After all, when you do it, do it right!”