Field Dimension Indonesia Goes Online with SurveyToGo

Read how SurveyToGo impacted on FDI’s business

“We now conduct
surveys faster,
use less paper,
eliminated data
punching altogether,
perform faster data
processing, and
are far more costefficient
than before”

Rani Hanifah Data Processing Manager at FDI
Project Highlights:
Devices installed with SurveyToGo
Shorter deployment than planned
Improvement on Data Quality
Saved on interview durations
Week saved on average project duration
The Company

Founded in 2006, Field Dimension Indonesia (or FDI) is a
data-gathering agency for research firms and brands alike.
Its 17 full-time employees are assisted by 27 contract
workers, 38 daily workers and up to 900 freelancers, as the
task at hand dictates. Together, they pull off an astonishing
165 projects during an average year for well-known brands
and research firms like IPSOS, Millward Brown, TNS,
Unilever, and Nestle.

The Challenge

FDI had been using offline survey software for designing
questionnaires and collecting data when they decided to
switch to an online software solution. Rani Hanifah, Data
Processing Manager at FDI, first heard of SurveyToGo from a
client: “We were looking at other solutions, but found SurveyToGo
to be more affordable and user-friendly. The software just
seemed easier to understand and came with a great tutorial.”

The Solution

After considering several solutions, FDI decided on
SurveyToGo. “We looked at other solutions but found that,
for our needs, SurveyToGo’s cost-effectiveness was superior,”
explains Hanifah. “We love the fact that SurveyToGo allows us
to design our surveys, run them on tablets and smartphones, and
then instantaneously sync our data back to the office.”


FDI installed SurveyToGo on 500 tablets, 6 PCs, and 4 laptops
across the organization. Initial training took only three days.
“We learned everything else we needed through the tutorials,”
adds Hanifah. “We had allocated an entire month for deploying
SurveyToGo but we were done within a week!” Dooblo’s support
team’s fast response to FDI’s requests was also key to the
fast implementation.


SurveyToGo’s impact on FDI’s business cannot be overstated:
“We now conduct surveys faster, use less paper, eliminated data
punching altogether, perform faster data processing, and are
far more cost-efficient than before,” reflects Hanifah. When
crunching the numbers, the results are even more striking:
project duration is down, on average, by a full week saved
on data processing no longer necessary; data quality is up
50% thanks to SurveyToGo’s data quality features; interviews
last 15-20% shorter than before; and nationwide projects
demonstrate serious time savings now that waiting for
remote surveyors to transfer their data is no longer an issue..


Hanifah’s team is constantly learning how to benefit from
new features and capabilities of the SurveyToGo software.
When asked what advice she would give other research
firms, Hanifah is very clear: “Ask Dooblo for a trial session with
SurveyToGo – you won’t regret it!”