We make your job easier

As a group of people who care deeply about the products we build for our customers, quality, clarity, attention to detail, and convenience are at the core of everything we do. We place our energy into building tablet and laptop field survey software that makes conducting surveys easier and much more productive.

Our products fit big & small companies

Our solutions are built for small and big agencies alike. SurveyToGo comprises all the must-have enterprise features to facilitate a global market research firm as well as easy-to-use, productivity features for smaller agencies conducting smaller scale projects or audits. Providing a robust yet easy to use platform that is simple and accessible is our primary goal!

We believe

Useful is forever

Bells and whistles wear off, but convenience never does. We build useful software.

Customers are our investors

They fund our daily operations by buying our products, therefore we answer to them — not to outside investors or the stock market.

Clarity is king

Buzzwords, lingo, and sensationalized marketing-speak have no place at Dooblo.

Great service matters

We’re known for fast, concise, and friendly customer service and support. We work hard every day to make sure we live up to that reputation.

Contracts suck

No one likes being locked into something for a year or more. Our customers can cancel at any time, no questions asked — and we never charge set-up or termination fees.

Basics are beautiful

We’ll never overlook what really matters, which is the basics: great service, ease-of-use, honest pricing, and respect for our customers’ time, money, and trust.

Meet the Dooblo team

Guy Solomon


Kosta Davidovich

Senior Scripter

Daniel Stolz

VP of Customer Success

Smadar Gershon

Platform Developer

Uri Mischari

R&D Wizard

Over 15 years of experience

Here are some of our major milestones since we launched in 2001 as a mobile development consulting firm, through our transition into a tablet & laptop survey software company, all the way to establishing our industry leadership status.



Dooblo is founded as a mobile development consulting firm by Assaf Kezurer and Ofer Heijmans in Israel.


SurveyToGo Launched

The first version of the SurveyToGo platform is launched locally


SurveyToGo Global Launch

SurveyToGo SaaS platform is launched globally.


SurveyToGo for Android

SurveyToGo for Android is launched with Android quickly establishing itself as the leading CAPI platform.


Quality Control Takes Center Stage

GPS, Silent Recordings and many more quality control features are launched making SurveyToGo the most advanced CAPI platform with integrated QC features.


80 Countries/20M Interviews/Year Milestone Reached

SurveyToGo reached global reach in over 80 countries and was used to perform over 20 million interviews per year!


5/10 Top Global MR Companies, 700 other MR Companies

Dooblo is now helping over 700 different MR companies worldwide to perform CAPI offline surveys!


110 Countries/40M Interviews/Year Milestone Reached

SurveyToGo doubles its 2015 milestone and reach over 40 million interviews per year!


SurveyToGo CAWI Launch and iOS

SurveyToGo launched online surveys and also supports iOS devices with our CAPI application


200 countries

SurveyToGo is used in over 200 countries with customers from over 130 countries